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Services offered include garden consultations, planting and hardscape design, grading and drainage plans, landscape master plans for both residential and institutions, and long-term planning and management.

For design clients, we offer installation services, for both planting and hardscape projects, working with selected contractors with whom we have a long-term relationship and who bring expertise and reliability to the project.



Initially, I will schedule a one hour consultation to understand your design goals and observe your site. I walk your property, listen to your desires and concerns, and point out specific site issues that I believe need to be addressed, such as erosion, drainage problems, aging trees, and the condition of existing hardscape.

Next I produce a proposal outlining a scope of work and estimated costs. With your acceptance of the proposal, I conduct  a detailed site analysis which measures and documents existing site features such as trees, garden beds, walks, topography, and problem areas.

With this base map and your developing list of criteria and objectives I create a Concept Master Plan. This preliminary concept plan will be drawn to scale and show generalized landscape development and character for your property. We meet again to review and finalize the Concept Master Plan 

The final step is to revise the Concept Master Plan if necessary and produce a detailed Landscape Master Plan with planting and hardscape specifications which are sufficient for pricing.

I am personally involved every step of the way, and supervise the contractors onsite to ensure that the project is installed as per the Master Plan.